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Academic / Non-Profit Job Listing

Non-profit job listings are available to any non-profit organizations with 501(c)3 status.

Corporate Job Listing

Corporate job listings are available to organizations and media outlets.

Native Media List

The NAJA Native Media List is the most current tribal media directory available. It can be purchased as a stand-alone sale or as a benefit included at all NAJA institutional membership levels.


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Job posting on and listing link in the NAJA newsletter

To purchase a job listing for the NAJA Job Board:

Paid job listings are posted within 24 hours of email receipt of payment Monday through Friday, and within 48 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Listings will remain until job application deadline has passed, or if no deadline is specified, for 30 days from the date of posting.

Please note:
The NAJA Job Board includes job postings related to the fields of journalism, media and communication. 

Please send complete job description to be published to [email protected]

Please submit descriptions in text format only. Images or HTML cannot be posted in listings.