NAJA Job Board

Emp Type:
40 hours/Week for 12 months; Monday - Friday
Saint Paul, MN
Main Duties:
Are you looking for Internships/Fellowships at the largest station-based public radio organization in the US? If so, look no further. Our Internship and Fellowship program will give YOU the real-world experience you are seeking in production, research, reporting, interviewing, audio and digital storytelling and more, as well as experience in public media operations. In addition to professional development, this program will help you build a network with other professionals in the industry. Don’t miss out on the chance to build your professional portfolio alongside the best people within public media. The Science Communications Fellow will focus on the initiative of the Water Main campaign. The Water Main is connecting APM to new audiences (with a focus on ages 18-35) by developing innovative new dialogue, engagement, partnerships, content, and research related to the value of water in Americans' lives. The Science Communications Fellow will be an important team member who will apply robust technical knowledge to our work, helping distill scientific research and technical information in ways that we and our partners can use to engage audiences. Additionally, there will be ample room to improve how water organizations use scientific information as part of their program of work. Under the Science Communication Fellow's leadership, we will add depth and substance to that conversation. This person would also contribute to APM's evolving capability to communicate and engage around scientific and technical content in other efforts, like Call to Mind, Brains On, and others. • Identify areas within the Water Main's program strategy that are dependent on complex or critically important scientific or technical information and identify resources for ensuring that Water Main is working from the best available science in those cases. • Work with the editorial manager and others to develop a plan for communicating key scientific concepts in a compelling and relevant way (boosting water IQ). • Serve as a technical advisor to the editorial manager, managing director, and other team members on scientific / technical content. • Serve as a liaison and resource to the scientific and broader water community on more effectively communicating technical and scientific water information.
Required Knowledge:
• Pursuing or have earned a M.S., Ph.D., or post-doctorate with a focus in earth science, engineering, chemistry, agronomy, environmental science, cultural anthropology, or other subject area related to water. • Strong writing skills. • Strong public speaking skills. • Fluency in English.
Required Experience:
Special Requirement:
• Participate in robust on-boarding experience. • Professional development: on-the-job training, personality assessment training, formal performance review feedback sessions, etc. • Opportunities to be mentored by one of our top professionals within public media. • Volunteering opportunities. • Networking with leaders and employee resource and interest groups that support our multicultural employees.
Application Process:
In addition to your skills and knowledge, we want to get to know you in the application process. In addition to your resume, please include a cover letter (of no more than 1 page) with answers to the following: • What are you most proud of? • Where do you see yourself professionally in five-years and how will this role help you achieve that goal?