NAJA Job Board

Emp Type:
24 hours/Week for 6 months; Monday - Friday
Saint Paul, MN
Main Duties:
Are you looking for Internships/Fellowships at the largest station-based public radio organization in the US? If so, look no further. Our Internship and Fellowship program will give YOU the real-world experience you are seeking in production, research, reporting, interviewing, audio and digital storytelling and more, as well as experience in public media operations. In addition to professional development, this program will help you build a network with other professionals in the industry. Don’t miss out on the chance to build your professional portfolio alongside the best people within public media. If breaking big investigative stories that make a difference in the world is in your future, this is the internship for you. It will immerse you in the nitty-gritty of investigative journalism -- the document chasing, data-gathering and source managing required to get the story. APM Reports needs diggers, otherwise called research reporters who relentlessly chase background information, records, data and people. Our journalism goes deep and includes multiple dimensions of an issue, often a result of the research reporting at APM Reports. You'll work side-by-side with some of the best in the business, pursuing stories that bring to light neglect, corruption and abuse of power. • Team with an investigative reporter(s) pursuing a story. • Conduct information searches using multiple web tools. • Hunt for public documents. • Hunt for data. • Background story possibilities, people and institutions.
Required Knowledge:
• Passionate about journalism and its importance in a functioning, healthy democracy. • Enrolled Sophomore, Junior, or Senior in an undergraduate or Master’s program OR have earned a degree within the last 12 months. • Working – or worked for -- college news operations, i.e. newspaper, radio station, website, magazine. • Highly organized, able to meet deadlines consistently, communicate clearly with colleagues. • Research skills, digging up archival materials, finding sources. • Ability to work on a variety of assignments. • Basic knowledge of important national news issues.
Required Experience:
Special Requirement:
• Improve basic reporting skills. • Learn basics of investigative journalism. • Learn research skills. • Learn data management, analysis and presentation skills. • Improve organizational skills.
Application Process:
In addition to your skills and knowledge, we want to get to know you in the application process. In addition to your resume, please include a cover letter (of no more than 1 page) with answers to the following: • What are you most proud of? • Where do you see yourself professionally in five-years and how will this role help you achieve that goal? • This internship is a paid six-month position. • Partial subsidy for onsite parking or bus transportation. Day to day transportation is your responsibility. • Eligible to accrue for sick and safe time off. • Eligible for health insurance as required under the ACA.