UNITY: Journalists for Diversity to dissolve in 2018

Posted by UNITY: Journalists for Diversity on 02/28/2018

Media Release

UNITY: Journalists for Diversity

The board of UNITY: Journalists for Diversity has decided to begin the process of dissolving as an organization.The vote to take such action was unanimous.

“Without a national convention every four years, and with so many strong programs going after the same shrinking pool of funders, it's not feasible to continue,” said Neal Justin, media critic for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and current UNITY president. “This is a heartbreaking decision, but we’ve decided that the best way to move forward is to work within our respective groups and build on the incredibly strong bond we have built together.”

Board members have voted to evenly divide any funds among the three remaining groups: the Association of Asian American Journalists, NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists and the Native American Journalists Association. Each group has pledged to dedicate its share toward multicultural projects that continue the mission and goals of UNITY.

“We do not take this decision lightly and the original mission of UNITY weighed heavily on all of us in making this decision,” Justin said. “We are not severing ties, but looking forward with stronger bonds than ever before, and an absolute commitment to diversity in our industry, and that includes building stronger relationships with NAHJ, NABJ and with each of our respective groups.”

Justin offered his gratitude to past and present board members, staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication.

"I'm grateful for the visionary leadership of UNITY's founders, and for those who have served the organization along the way," Justin said. "As we close this chapter, we are excited about the future for all our partners, past and present, as they explore new initiatives, programs and partnerships that continue to fulfill UNITY’s mission.”