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WBS Logo Design Contest

September 24th, 2014 All Day - October 11th, 2014

Are you a talented Native artist looking for an outlet to express yourself and promote your work? 

Design a new Wellbound Storytellers logo and do both! The winner of the contest will receive $150 cash, a Pendleton blanket and the distinction of being the artist selected to represent WBS through his or her work.
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter then enter for your chance to win by submitting your unique logo design for Wellbound Storytellers. 
WBS is a blog for Natives to share their personal stories and struggles with health. From AIDs survivors and marathoners, to weight-lifters and berry-pickers, WBS features a diverse group of American Indians changing their lifestyles and impacting their health for the better. By blogging about our own triumphs and disappointments, we make healthy living a public matter, bringing our own communities to invest in the health of every person.
For more information, visit WBS at http://wellboundstorytellers.com/ or email [email protected].